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We are providing the world’s most user-friendly interface to control bulk SMS services. .

  • We are providing the world’s most user-friendly interface to control bulk SMS services. It is a web-based admin control panel which has all the features required to manage your clients and providers.

    Admin panel particularly grants the user access to the complete panel. Here, payment is made by the tenant to an owner for the use of this service. Admin panel helps you to manage your clients and to keep a record of their each and every transaction. Through admin panel you can easily monitor your client’s day to day activity. The world’s most user-friendly interface to control bulk SMS services. It is a web-based control panel which helps you to do several important tasks like manages clients, manage route, track reports, and check route health and you can also craft your own security.

  • Features

    • Manage your providers (routes) – Add as many providers as you want and manage them in a single panel.
    • Manage your clients - Live monitoring of your resellers and clients.
    • Dedicated IP( optional ) – No one can find out your SMS vendor.
    • Facility to add SMPPRoutes – You are not bound to purchase from us.
    • Reseller and User panel

  • Benefits

    • No Rates competition - You decide your own rates as you have all the power to negotiate with providers and SMS quality.
    • Control over providers- All powers to choose and manage routes and track reports.
    • All providers in one panel - Single sign in and sign-up place for all the providers.

  • Services from our side

    Services from our side 100%:

  • Benefits of Admin Panel as SAAS

    With a small monthly rental you can own admin panel and remove obligations of selecting bulk SMS provider. You will get following benefits of Admin Panel:

    • You can add unlimited routes i.e. unlimited number of SMS providers.
    • In case you change your provider, you need not worry about customers. They will still be able to login with same username and password from same URL.
    • Our admin panel lets you stay fully brand-able since you can edit your company name, add service providers, your logo etc. Your customer will never come to know about your SMS provider.
    • Using SMPP account connects you directly to mobile operator or service provider which leads you to maximum uptime and greater capacity.
    • Manage unlimited number of SMPP accounts/add any number of SMPP accounts.
    • Set your own pricing, you have no obligations for choosing minimum or maximum price set.
    • We present you many admin powers like controlling and managing resellers, users, spam SMS, sender ID, SMPP routes, etc.

    With the use of Admin control panel, you can not only increase your negotiation power with clients and suppliers but you also have freedom to switch current SMS provider without any hassles for current users/resellers

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